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Viewpoint Logo 2019.jpg

229 Nubble Road

York, Maine 03909

(207) 361-3261

Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • 10% off at Viewpoint Hotel

The Viewpoint Hotel overlooks historic Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine. The View Point has been owned by the Crane Hotel Group since 2016.

Being mindful and using sustainable products and processes has always been important to the owners of the Viewpoint Hotel. From the day the hotel was conceived, the owners and staff have discovered ways to implement sustainable practices throughout the hotel and have made a concerted effort to take those practices further. 

Sustainable Features at Stones Throw Restaurant and Hotel:

  • Use of only Seventh Generation cleaning products, which are bio-based and packaged mindfully

  • The hotel uses a composting service for all food waste

  • Recycling program includes compost bins, recycling bins, and un-lined rubbish bins in each guest room with the goal of reduced plastic use

  • Washable glass jars for guests' coffee creamer instead of single-use plastic containers

  • Organic, compostable coffee pods in compostable packaging for in-room coffee

  • Complimentary water in the hotel are from Boxed Water or glass instead of single-use plastic

  • Toiletries are cruelty-free and organic, from New England businesses

  • Both the hotel and restaurant shop locally as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint and support other sustainable businesses

  • Pool is chlorine-free

  • Water and heating systems being updated to be as energy efficient as possible 

In the short-term, the team at the Viewpoint Hotel is always looking for fresh ideas to conduct business in a sustainable manner, adding to the practices they already have in effect. Long-term, the business would like to invest in renewable energy - such as solar - and to obtain a green certification.

The Viewpoint Hotel hopes to be a model for sustainability in the restaurant and hotel industry by leading by example, with the hope that seeing businesses able to do things sustainably may make a difference and inspire others.

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