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30 How St.

Haverhill, MA

(978) 374-4733

Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • Discount – 2 FREE tickets to The River's Music Hall Performance Studio. Green Card holders get exclusive advance email notice to River Music Hall performances. The first Green Card holder to respond win 2 tkts to that performance with lunch and a tour of the station
  • GA Businesses receive 20% off published advertising rates.

How do you get the sustainability message to the “masses”? And once you‟ve got it out there, how do you get the public to truly embrace that message? WXRV 92.5 The River knows how.

With 300,000 listeners a week, this independent progressive station has catapulted “green” into homes and vehicles from Portland to Boston – 4 times a day, 7 days a week, with authentic and hard-hitting green tips aired during peak listening times.


Messaging like this from a well-respected and extremely popular station such as The River is powerful, eclipsing much of the “small time” work that advocates and non-profits are doing to further environmental awareness. WXRV‟s “green bullhorn” is a double-edged sword that not only delivers a consistent, respected and reliable green awareness message which tangibly influences the choices of hundreds of thousands of listeners, but is also a defining industry advantage for the station.


This is where sustainability meets financial success, a synergy that is the very recipe for real environmental change.

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