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101 North Road

North Hampton, NH

(Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club)


22 North Road

North Hampton, NH

(Sagamore Golf Center)


1287 Maine Street

Lynnfield, MA

(Sagamore Springs)

(603) 964-5011

Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • Discount – Save 15% on normal weekday (Monday thru Thursday) 18-hole greenfees at both Sagamore Golf Club in North Hampton, as well as at the original Sagamore Spring Golf Club in Lynnfield, Massachusetts
  • Receive a free small range bucket when you purchase a large range bucket
  • Purchase 3 mini golf rounds and get the fourth free at Sagamore Golf Center!

The Green Alliance represents dozens of businesses, each of which tell their own unique “green story”. But few can tout green initiatives going back decades. Sagamore Golf Club is just that business.

Founded in 1929 by R.E. Luff in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, the original Sagamore Spring Golf Club was one of the first public golf courses ever in New England. After 33 years, R.E.’s son Richard opened a second location in North Hampton in 1962. Right off the bat, the younger Luff’s intention was to design and build a golf course using as few chemicals and hazardous materials as possible. In an era when every golf course saw it is as imperative to use any and every chemical possible to make their grounds more “competitive”, Sagamore has always used such measures as absolute last resorts.

Instead, Sagamore-Hampton makes use of all natural alternatives including soy bean seeds, granite dust, kelp, fisher mulch, and the like. According to owner Richard Luff, his course has seen much of the industry finally catch up with Sagamore’s long-standing ideal, providing more natural alternatives in the form of spreadable fertilizers.

In an effort to further improve the “green” quality of their grounds, Sagamore-Hampton has partnered with fellow GA Business Partner Purely Organic. Not only does Purely Organic supply much of the organic fertilizers and other materials for the course; they’ve also struck up a deal to render one hole completely organic, using absolutely no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. According to Luff, if making that one hole completely green proves successful, Sagamore will pursue doing the same for the remaining 17 on the grounds.

On top of Sagamore’s flagship Lynnfield and North Hampton locations, the company also boasts a driving range, mini golf course, and one-hole practice center just down the road in North Hampton.

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