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56 Market St. Portsmouth, NH


Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • Discount – Save 10% on all food! (Applies to meals for one Green Card holder and guest)

When Brennen Rumble, Portsmouth Brewery Manager, describes the restaurant and brewery's "make-it-from-scratch" mentality, he's not just describing the food on the plate or the beer in the mug. He's talking about the whole operation at the Brewery. Doing everything from scratch, means finding a better way to run a brew-pub, and that better way means doing it more sustainably.


The Portsmouth Brewery has always been well known for its humanitarian and charitable reputation in the community. It's Community Pint Tuesdays and their wooden tokens for charity have become a staple of the restaurant, and owner Peter Egelston has been instrumental in the Seacoast with both the Brewery and Smuttynose Brewing Company in fostering the local spirit of the region. Now the goal of the Brewery being a more sustainable enterprise is budding into a reality!

  • Compost and recycle two thirds of all waste material

  • Substantial community and charitable giving illustrated by Community Pint Tuesdays and their wooden tokens for charity

  • Conducted a PSNH audit and received rebates on highly efficient LED lighting inside the restaurant

  • Recently installed a new pump-switch to the brew-kettles that will help to cycle more efficiently, the energy used in the process of brewing.

  • Donate used hops and oats and other waste products from the brewing process to pig farmers for feed.

  • In the kitchen, meat is given time to thaw, without microwaving or "power thawing," (a process that requires running hot water over frozen goods)

  • In the offices and the dining room, everything is printed on recycled paper and on both sides whenever possible, and paper is recycled after use.

  • Transitioned away from plastic to-go bags, or Styrofoam containers, using potato-based biodegradable boxes instead

  • Gift shop attached to the Brewery uses paper instead of plastic for all gift purchases.

  • Menu incorporates a significant number of locally grown items and are members of the Slow Food Movement

  • Source from as many local suppliers as possible — companies like Blueberry Bay Farm, Golden Harvest, Farnum Hill Ciders, Seaport Fish, Brookford Farm, Renee Ciulla Gardens, Three River Farm Alliance, NH Mushroom Co. and Sandwich Creamery.

  • Suppliers chosen with sustainability in mind; delivery trucks from Favorite Foods and Seaport Fish run on Biodiesel and when they (or any trucks) come to bay, there's no idling allowed!

  • Water reclaimaition process underway for brewing to reduce water use and recycle as much of it as possible

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