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Is your green business interested in becoming a Green Alliance Business Partner?

What does it take to become a Green Alliance Business Partner? 

The Green Alliance maintains a high caliber of business owners who have a commitment to environmental excellence. As we understand that every business is at a different point along their sustainability journey, our goal is to meet businesses where they are today and assist them on their path to reducing their environmental impact.  

To become a Green Alliance business partner, you must satisfy one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Your product or service inherently reduces the environmental footprint of your customers (renewable energy, farm-to-table, energy efficiency products, etc.) 

  • Your business has adopted an environmental strategy to reduce its own operational impact (sustainable sourcing/distribution, emissions reductions, waste and water conservation, etc.) 

  • Your business is committed to the concept of continuous sustainable improvement - we expect each of our businesses to conduct at least one newsworthy project each year that showcases their commitment to sustainability 

  • Your company is committed to serving the health and well-being of your customers (example: yoga studios, organic food products, green cleaning products devoid of toxic chemicals, etc.)

  • Your company is committed to serving the health and well-being of your employees and the surrounding community (employee wellness programs, volunteer/giveback programs, etc.) 

Ready to become a Business Partner?

If you think the Green Alliance is a good fit for your business, email 

A note to businesses with a B2B focus:

Joining the Green Alliance is a chance for your business to ally itself with local green business leaders. The Green Alliance will connect your company with the local community, ensuring that the things that your business is doing for sustainability are broadcast both online, and to the local media, residents, employees and customers in your area. It is also an external, qualified branding tool that you can use to verify and make transparent the important steps your company is taking to protect the environment.

Display and promote your GA membership proudly on your website and in company materials: a stamp of authenticity of the green strides you are taking – a mark that will help you stand out from your competitors. Partnership in the Green Alliance shows that you take sustainability seriously and want your community, employees, and purchasers to do the same.

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