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13 Alden Ave.
Greenland, NH 03840
(603) 319-8095

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Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • Discount – Get 25% off design fees on a design and build contract

In these uncertain economic times, with the bubble of the last decade’s housing market having long since burst, most homeowners are taking a second look at the costs associated with the heating, cooling and upkeep of buildings. A cocktail of volatile energy prices, tight capital, a troubled housing market and increased awareness of the environmental impact of buildings has pushed sustainability to the forefront of building trends.


When it comes to green building design, techniques and materials, Portsmouth’s Mighty Roots is leading the way.  In addition to new eco-friendly new home construction, Mighty Roots has also made a foray into custom cabinetry guided by the same environmental principles that have led to their home building success. 

  • Combining green building and design

  • Offering quality, efficient, sustainable options for literally every aspect of the home-building process.

  • Engage and educate prospective customers about the long-term benefits of “green” homes –from drastically lower energy costs to sustained durability, better resale value and a smaller environmental footprint.

  • Focus on all aspects of a structure, from siding to insulation, heating units to deck materials, LED lighting to space-efficiency, paint choices to windows.

  • Informed and knowledgeable on green options and why they are more sustainable; from innovative cellulose-based insulation, to “concrete foam” foundations, or even in how the space is actually laid out for maximum efficiency.

  • Proving that green investments for both new construction and renovation have a definitive financial payback.

  • Donate considerable time and resources to related sustainability efforts in and around the Seacoast with groups including Buy Local and the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NSEA), as well as providing free consultation to Habitat For Humanity.

  • Relentlessly promote other industry bellwethers such as LEED certification and Energy Star appliances, as well as more sustainable building supplies, and the local distributors that carry them

  • Engage all players on a building team to look at each project from a sustainability prospective, (plumbers, electricians, painters…etc)

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