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(833) 733-4558


  • Expansive delivery area covers from Portland, Maine to Concord, NH and all towns in between.

  • Please allow up to a few days for delivery so that an environmentally responsible driving route can be planned **Urgent refill needs can still be scheduled with a simple toll free phone call!

  • Van deliveries are Monday through Saturday

  • SAT - Seasonal boat deliveries (upriver Eliot & Dover)

  • SUN - Rest & Restock!

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Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • 10% off of all products

Back when the founder of Leave No Trace Refillery, LLC was pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Global (Environmental) Education, she had dreamed of opening a refill storefront. At that time, no such store existed anywhere in the world, at least not to her knowledge. Over a decade later, the Covid pandemic forced her hand and provided an opportunity to finally put that dream into motion - quite literally!

Modeled after the "good 'ole milkman" (an incredible service that still exists on the Seacoast through Jimmy Milkman), the storefront dream that was unattainable at the time morphed into an incredibly convenient home delivery mobile store. Deliveries can be contactless -  you don't even need to be home! 

With the understanding that sustainability efforts can be a bit daunting, Leave No Trace Refillery's main goal is to make it as easy as possible to highly reduce the "need" for single-use packaging. They
keep it simple over there, right down to their mission statement, motto, and slogan:

  • Mission: Helping You Help The Planet

  • Motto: Give Mother Earth A Hug ... Let Us Refill Your Jug

  • Slogan: Our Store Comes Right To Your Door

Leave No Trace Refillery even has an impressive 5 year goal of attaining electric delivery vehicles powered by a solar array. For now, they will continue to tirelessly map out all home & business deliveries and local supplier pickups to ensure the most efficient and environmentally-responsible routes possible. As an added (and unheard of) bonus, they also research every ingredient of every product they carry to eliminate "greenwashing", and test each product to make sure they are very effective. 


After more than 2 years of research and testing, Leave No Trace Refillery is proud to have honed in on top-notch household cleaning, personal care, and beauty products while offering them at surprisingly affordable prices.

Orders can be placed directly from their website:

or by calling toll-free (833) REFILL-8.

To stay informed of their latest product launches and current specials, please follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

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