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594 NH-3A

Bow, NH 03304

(800) 528-8993

Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • Free delivery of your vehicle with purchase through The Grappone Expressway (within 20 miles of dealership)

Grappone Automotive Group has been a family owned and operated business since 1924. Fourth generation steward Amanda Grappone Osmer is determined to lead the industry with a business that adapts and innovates to keep up with whatever comes its way.


Grappone has created a unique culture that is truly second to none. Grappone has roughly four times the national average of women in its sales force, and with a strong belief in sustainability, many investments have been made to help lessen the business’s carbon footprint. This includes a LEED-certified Toyota facility, solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations, and energy conserving LED bulbs.

Grappone transitioned to Negotiation Free Sales in 2013, and is once again leading the way with the implementation of The Grappone Express Way, a shopping experience that gives you the ability to shop and buy 100% online. Without ever having to step foot onto the lot, you can shop our entire inventory, evaluate your trade with a smart device, and secure financing! This will not only help to save your time, it also helps reduce emissions from unnecessary driving back and forth to the dealership in order to complete the transaction. Once everything is confirmed, we will deliver your vehicle right to you. We invite you to reimagine the way you buy a car.


Find your new Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, or Toyota today. We have service departments and our collision center on site.



  • Geothermal Field: 32 closed loop geothermal wells dive 400 feet into the ground to provide consistent temperature water to our heat pumps, reducing the energy required to heat or cool the building.

  • Renovation without Expansion: By renovating the entire existing facility, over 60% of the existing building was saved thereby reducing the need for new building materials like steel and concrete. No additional paved parking areas were created to help limit runoff into the bordering Turkey and Merrimack Rivers.

  • Electric Car Charging Station: Solar-powered, electric car charging stations were installed to further encourage the use of green technology.

  • Carpool Parking: 14 preferred carpool parking spots were designated to encourage ride sharing amongst employees and customers alike.

  • Bike Racks: Bicycle racks and shower facilities have been provided for all employees to encourage wellness and alternative transportation.

  • Recycled Landscaping: Recycled tires are used in the planting beds surrounding the building


  • Facilities Management Control Systems: Programmable, monitoring system.

  • CO / CO2 Sensors: Occupancy sensors allow for fresh air as needed to maintain optimum levels.

  • Recycled Content: Concrete, Steel, Building Insulation, Carpet, lceStone Recycled Glass Countertops, Ceramic Tile, Acoustic Ceiling Tile, Gypsum Wall Board, Doors, even the locksets and hinges contribute to the use of recycled materials.  

  • Recycling Centers: Dedicated built-in recycling cabinets for separating paper, plastic, metal and  glass are located throughout the facility.

  • Daylight & Views: The storefront glass of the new two story showroom provides daylight and views of the Merrimack River deep into the facility. Existing windows were enlarged and all overhead doors have full view glass. More than 90% of the regularly occupied spaces within the building have a direct view to the outside.

  • Green Education Wall: A 30' long Education Wall, with an interactive screen highlighting the buildings energy usage, is on permanent display for all guests to read and learn.

  • Green Housekeeping: All cleaning materials and products used in the facility meet a stringent set of environmental standards.

  • Lighting and Controls: Occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and a programmable control center with daily and seasonal settings, all contribute to reduced heat load and energy usage from our lighting systems.

  • Pneumatic Door Openers: The overhead doors are operated using compressed air, already in place for service tools, instead of electricity.

  • Solatubes: Daylight harvesting tubes were installed in the shop roof to bring more natural light into the space, reducing the amount of artificial light needed.

  • FSC Certified Wood: Exemplary LEED points were achieved by insuring that 100% of the wood used in the renovation came from responsibly managed forests and sustainable sources.

  • Water Efficiency: Dual flush toilets and automatic faucets reduce facility water usage by over 30%

  • Low/ No V.O.C.'s: All paints, sealants, coatings and adhesives were specified not to contain the Volatile Organic Compounds that contribute to harmful odors and ozone depletion.

  • No Smoking: In order to promote clean air and healthy lungs Grappone Toyota is a designated No Smoking facility.

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