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22 Main St.

Kittery ME 03904


(603) 817-4694

Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • 5% off all semester classes for first child

Green Alliance founder Sarah Brown recently founded ForestKids. As a committed environmentalist and nature enthusiast, Sarah included outdoor learning in her 3 daughters’ education. She is certain that her children's substantial nature-based learning was instrumental in making them the strong, independent, creative, compassionate and capable young women they are today.


Sarah also knows that an important building block of resilient and clear-thinking adults, is a limited screen time childhood. Forest Kids on the Seacoast believes that those of us who’ve been fighting the powerful cultural current of a largely, indoor and technology heavy childhood, are now being hit by a digital tsunami which is crashing over families in a way that Richard Louv, author of Last Child In The Woods, couldn’t have dreamed.


Sarah's ForestKids philosophy is that right now, in this moment, saving our children from nature-deficit-disorder, IS our greatest challenge as parents. ForestKids hopes to help families meet that challenge.

ForestKids seeks to augment whatever learning your child is already engaged in and bring regular nature-based forest experiences directly into your child’s life in a dependable and safe way. ForestKids hopes to help meet some of the unprecedented demand for nature connection programing and offset extended screen-based learning and stressful home situations where parents are currently overwhelmed. ForestKids gets your children off their screens and into collaborative, guided forest play!

ForestKids is committed to providing nature connection experiences for ALL children. They believe getting into the woods is not just for middle class kids, but an experience essential and transformative for young people of all economic backgrounds.


Read about what ForestKids is doing to make the outdoors equitable by clicking here.

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