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Dr. Lynda


Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • Free initial exam
  • $10 off all other office visits

74 State Rd Suite 105

Kittery, ME 03904

(207) 451-9440

Dr. Lynda Wright Photo.jpg

Gynecologist Dr. Lynda Wright has been serving the Seacoast area for more than 27 years. She completed her residency in OB/GYN in Grand Rapids and has her medical degree from Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine in East Lansing.


Dr. Wright is committed to keeping her practice as sustainable as possible, and includes the following features in her office:

  • Use of linens rather than paper gowns

  • Office linens washed fragrance/dye free

  • Recycling of all paper

  • Compost all vegetable scraps from staff kitchen

  • Reuse of back sides of previously used paper for printing faxes

  • Encouragement of results sent to efax instead of paper

  • Recycling of all plastics

  • Plants in office, organic perennial garden waiting room patio 

  • EMR, no paper charts

  • Low impact fragrance free products

  • Responsible thermostat usage

  • Low energy light bulbs

Services provided by Dr. Wright include preventative care, contraception, diagnosis and management of gynecological problems, adolescent gynecology, and menopause.

As a solo, independent practice, Dr. Lynda Wright and her office manager are are able to set their own standards of care, and they strive to maintain a peaceful office environment. The Green Alliance is working with Dr. Wright to continuously improve and perfect the long-term sustainability goals at her practice.

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