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3 Penstock Way

Newmarket, NH

(603) 868-5995

Green Alliance Members Receive:

  • Discount – Green Card holders receive $500 toward any of Chinburg's green upgrade options, including flooring, lighting, low or no-VOC paints, Richlite or concrete countertops, or an on-demand hot water system

Founded in 1987 by University of New Hampshire graduate Eric Chinburg, Chinburg Builders has since grown to become one of the Seacoast’s most trusted and recognizable building companies in the areas of residential and commercial construction, as well as general contracting and property management. Along the way, the company has embraced a decidedly green ethos and progressive development philosophy oriented to the region’s unique history and local heritage.

In 2002, Chinburg began devoting more attention to building Energy Star homes featuring myriad efficiency-guided measures and features. Then, in 2011, the company made a commitment to begin rendering all of their new homes to Energy Star standards. More recently, the company is building Portsmouth’s first 100% high performance home neighborhood. Chinburg’s emphasis on urban infill and “cluster development,” – communities that feature open green spaces adjacent to the house lots – have been the company’s chief priorities on the land planning side. Additionally, an increasing number of their commercial projects feature perhaps the greenest of green concepts: recycling old buildings.

Indeed, just as impressive as Chinburg’s steadfast commitment to staying duly ahead of their industry’s green curve is their tireless effort to help renovate and revitalize some of New England’s most iconic mill buildings. Since the 1990s, the company has spearheaded no less than 10 such projects, in the process helping recycle historic treasures paramount to the Granite State’s unique industrial and architectural legacies. At the same time, they’re helping provide a useful template for public-private partnerships between state agencies and developer-builders on how to most effectively clean up and retool abandoned sites for 21st century use.

Their latest endeavor, encompassing the mill complex situated in downtown Newmarket, involves transforming the abandoned buildings into a mixed use community with over 100 spacious apartments and nearly 50,000 square feet of commercial space, which itself will house a number of locally owned and operated businesses from across industries and sectors, including New England Footwear, Independent Fabricators, Bailey Works and even fellow GA Business Partner Progressive Asset Management.

Over the years, Chinburg Builders’ reputation as a premier homebuilder of distinct, high quality properties has earned the firm numerousl awards for excellence and national recognition. All the while, the company remains committed to delivering quality that meets – and exceeds – customer expectations.

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