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Green Alliance Changing Hands


New owners plan to continue the Green Alliance legacy and grow the “green” movement in Seacoast New Hampshire and beyond.


The Green Alliance has been a major player in the sustainable business culture on the New Hampshire and Maine seacoast since 2008.


In 2015, original founder, Sarah Brown, handed off Green Alliance to long-time partner, Mike Bellamente.  After growing and operating the Green Alliance for two years, Mike made the decision to pass the torch to Jacob Roche and his wife; a married couple with a long history of working on behalf of the environment.


“I honestly couldn’t imagine handing off the Green Alliance to a more passionate and capable couple,” said former director Mike Bellamente.  “They both understand what it means to connect with an audience and they both bring a high degree of positive energy to their work.  I think our network of business partners and environmentally-minded consumers will deeply value their leadership and fresh perspective.”


The York County, Maine natives have a combined 12 years experience working on electoral- and issue-based campaigns, educating the community on state and federal environmental policies and directing nonprofits across the U.S.  Additionally, the couple manages their family’s 90-acre vegetable and tree farm in Ogunquit, Maine.  Environmental issues and sustainability efforts have been at the forefront of their life’s work, and they are excited to continue the efforts of Green Alliance and encourage the “green” movement across New England.


The Green Alliance promotes local business partners that make serious efforts to operate in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner.  Those business partners offer discounts to Green Alliance Community card-holders.


These partnerships benefit both businesses and consumers alike, and create a feedback loop where sustainability is encouraged and rewarded.


“We have partnered with Sarah and Mike for many events over the years, and we couldn’t be more excited to step into this role,” new director Jacob Roche said. “We have always loved the Green Alliance’s mission, and we plan to grow and expand upon the hard work that Sarah and Mike have dedicated to this important cause.”


Jacob Roche officially took the reigns in early December 2017 and plans to host a grand re-opening event in Spring 2018.  During this exciting transition, Green Alliance will continue to serve its current business partners and community members, and is able to accept inquiries for new memberships.

Jacob Roche
Executive Director
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