What Makes Us Green

When a business joins the Green Alliance we evaluate exactly what makes the product green and business practices sustainable; we rate and score the business and we tell the most compelling aspects of each businesses’ Green Story.

Sustainability Evaluation

Each Business Partner undergoes an extensive 60 question Sustainability Evaluation that looks into every corner of operations and product – this is where you can find out exactly what each business' recycling program? How are they using energy? Do they source locally? How do they contribute to the community? We look at sustainability holistically from everything to energy use, to waste, to employee and consumer education, to community involvement and much, much more. The Alliance expects, supports, and encourages substantial progress from all our member businesses.

Each business should do at least some of the following:

  • Support local vendors and suppliers
  • Offer natural, sustainable and renewable products
  • Use natural, sustainable and renewable products when possible
  • Incorporate the three R's: reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Consider energy use and its environmental impact; practice energy conservation and efficiency, invest in alternative or renewable fuels
  • Support fair trade and other socially responsible businesses
  • Educate customers and employees about sustainability
  • Enhance the quality of life for the environment, customers, the community and its employees

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Report Card

We also generate a Report Card; a numbers-based quantitative analysis of that allows us to score each business for overall sustainability as well as provide numerical indicators in each category from energy use to education to product, and much, much more. Our Report Card also places each business into a category, Sprout, Bud or Blossom, so you can see where that business is on their journey to full sustainability. Also look for our “Greeness Indicator” on the Report Card to see how that business compares to the industry standard.

Report Card Categories:

  • Sprout: Business has taken some steps but much more needs to be done. Sprouts will let the consumer know what they have already done and what they are working on, as well as larger goals of what they hope to do in the future. This designation is not a negative - it lets the consumer know a business cares about sustainability and is working on it.
  • Bud: Business has already taken substantial steps toward sustainable business practices and is currently in progressive "sustainable motion".
  • Blossom: Business has taken substantial steps to fully offer sustainable goods/services and is practicing an impressive number of green business techniques. Blossoming partners are acting as leaders and trailblazers in sustainability for other Green Alliance partners and Seacoast businesses in general.

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Green Story

We also generate a Green Story for each partnering business, which includes an engaging narrative that tells the most compelling aspects of that business’ sustainability product and practice. Many of our Green Stories are published in the local papers and we hope that you will take time to learn about what makes each of our Business Partners green.

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