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A New Year, A New President

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2017 marks the year of the Rooster.  For expecting parents, this means any child born this year will embody the characteristics of trustworthiness, punctuality and a strong sense of responsibility to their job. 

As today also marks the first day of a Trump Presidency, two of these three characteristics will no doubt dictate what kind of climate we're living in four years from now -- punctuality not being one of them.   

Regardless of what lies in store for us on the political front, however, the purpose of the Green Alliance has not changed.  If anything, now more than ever, solutions to looming environmental challenges will come from the individuals and businesses intent on evolving a more sustainable economy. 

To that end, we have a great deal in store for our community as we blaze the way toward greener pastures.  Perhaps most noteworthy among them is our partnership with the New Hampshire Association of Realtors (NHAR) to bring homeowners and real estate professionals a Green Real Estate Symposium on March 28th (sign up today for early bird registration).  

We are also anxiously anticipating the launch of our new Naked Bullfrog platform which is currently in Beta testing and should be live by early February (Thanks to everyone who supported our successful Kickstarter campaign!). 

As always, we also want to thank all of our Green Alliance business partners who continue to set a high bar on sustainability.  Highlighted below are stories on Newmarket Dental, Mighty Roots (Formerly Little Green Homes) and our newest partner AutoBeGreen

Here's to supporting our member businesses and being the change you wish to see in the world.  

Green on, 

Mike Bellamente
Co-Owner, Managing Director
The Green Alliance

Green Real Estate Symposium  
March 28 - Sign up today!

As we move towad a more environmentally conscientious world, the real estate industry is trending that way as well. To avoid being left behind, join New Hampshire REALTORS and the Green Alliance for a one-day Green Symposium, Tuesday, March 28, at the Radisson Hotel Nashua. 

Topics covered will range from the basics of green building to the more nuanced sessions on public policy, tax credits, financing and appraising of projects involving elements of green construction.

Nate Swanson, DDS
NH Biz Review: Newmarket Dental's green options

Nate Swanson was trained to be a dentist, but his green epiphany was prompted by a simple observation: It was all about the trash.
In Swanson's case, it was medical trash piled up in a back room of a dental practice he worked at years ago. He took a close look for the first time at what he was seeing and it reminded him of a movie scene. "The situation was reminiscent of the trash compactor in 'Star Wars'," Swanson said. "I thought of the other offices in the same complex, the number of complexes on that road, and so on. It was insane to think of the waste being generated. I thought there had to be a better way."

Glenn Johnson, Founder ABG
NH Biz Review: On the road to sustainability with AutoBeGreen

EXETER, NH- As someone who spent 35 years as a manufacturer's representative in the automotive industry, Glenn Johnson would seem an unlikely candidate to start a distribution business focused on green automotive products.
"I know people think it must be an oxymoron - green products and the auto industry," said Johnson, who founded Exeter-based AutoBeGreen in 2011. "But even as kid growing up in a large family in Wayland, Mass., in the 1960s, we were environmentally aware and recycling. I grew up thinking everybody can do a little bit better to help the environment, and promoting greener transportation is good for everyone."

Mighty Roots Feature
Coastal Home Magazine: Cabinetry with Class

When Shanna McBurney settled on her new home in Newcastle, New Hampshire, her first priority was to create an interior aesthetic that was at once inviting and true to her passion for nature.  "Personally, I love the feeling of something organic that's had multiple lives," says McBurney, "it doesn't feel as sterile or like something that has been done before."  

Having worked with Mighty Roots (formerly Little Green Homes) on past projects, McBurney did not hesitate to engage the local builder and high-end cabinetry maker when it came time to design an entertainment center for her new home.  "Knowing that Chris Redmond and his team are very environmentally conscious," says McBurney, "it wasn't a concept that I had to keep re-introducing throughout the process." 

Hop on in... the water is fine
Naked Bullfrog - Calling all Marketing and Sustainability Majors!  

Thanks to all the wonderful people who chipped in to help make the Naked Bullfrog Kickstarter a success.  As we prepare to launch the site, we're actively seeking university students who are interested in generating content and adding more Bullfrog businesses to the site.  Great for the resume and great for hands-on experience.   

Send an email to 
Subject: Bullfrog Internship
GA is a Proud Promotional Sponsor of Building Energy Boston

In partnership with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, the Green Alliance is proud promotional partner of BuildingEnergy Boston. 
The BuildingEnergy Boston Conference + Trade show is the region's leading event for professionals and practitioners working to build a more sustainable world.

It brings over 2,500 industry leaders and emerging professionals together for three days to learn from and share ideas with each other.