News : Not Our President Seacoast Citizens at Tributary Brewing Company

Nov 17, 2016

Please join the “other 50%”/Not My President….Seacoast residents who are looking for a positive way forward.  What can we do to reinforce our community as a safe, connective, inclusive place with a sexist, racist and divisive incoming administration?  Many of us are struggling to find hope and direction while managing a deep sense of grief for this country we love so much.  It helps to come together and discuss solutions together.


How can we move forward  and build bridges while steadfastly fighting against the Trump agenda?  Let’s come together to mourn and then organize!  Trump is a small-minded, egotistical, racist, sexist, xenophobe who stirs up fears and spreads misinformation.  We have a long road ahead in simply preserving progressive gains already made…..but, if we tackle this together, there is no stopping us! Make no mistake, Trump appealed to America’s worst impulses but now it’s up to the rest of us to prove that this is NOT all that America is.


Join the Not Our President Seacoast Citizens on Thursday November 17th 5-7pm at Tributary Brewing Company in Kittery Maine.  At this social coming together we will:


·         Talk about what’s important and what we must do

·         Find strength in numbers

·         Begin to chart a way forward to change hearts and minds in support of kindness, inclusiveness and sound policies that will make our country stronger and bring us together rather

·         Form a community of active and involved Seacoast citizens who resoundingly reject hatred, bigotry, racism, misogyny and xenophobia


Join us on Thursday; invite others who are on the same page!

If you can’t make our first get together Thursday we will be doing this every month so just shoot me an email to confirm you’d like to stay connected to this group and be notified about our December gathering (probably at Book and Bar in Portsmouth!)