News : Cabinetry with Class

Nov 29, 2016

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When Shanna McBurney settled on her new home in Newcastle, New Hampshire, her first priority was to create an interior aesthetic that was at once inviting and true to her passion for nature. “Personally, I love the feeling of something organic that’s had multiple lives,” says McBurney, “it doesn’t feel as sterile or like something that has been done before.”

Having worked with Mighty Roots (formerly Little Green Homes) on past projects, McBurney did not hesitate to engage the local builder and high-end cabinetry maker when it came time to design an entertainment center for her new home. “Knowing that Chris Redmond and his team are very environmentally conscious,” says McBurney, “it wasn’t a concept that I had to keep re-introducing throughout the process.”

McBurney knew her vision of an entertainment center made from fine-textured cherry for her new home, lent itself to employing at least some reclaimed wood throughout the project. But in order to achieve the look she was after, McBurney was intent on working with a cabinet-maker that not only shared her values, but was also open to her input. “Historically when I contract someone for a custom project, it has been much more dictated by interior designers,” says McBurney. “When building the media center, there was a really good interchange and middle ground that got us where we needed to be. I said, here’s the function, here’s the space and here are some images. The head cabinet maker for Mighty Roots, Chris O’Neill, had no problem taking amorphous design direction and coming back with some really tight ideas and aesthetic direction. He took a lot of responsibility and really knocked it out of the park.”

“For me,” says McBurney, “there was something really refreshing about working with a team that was honest with a very true code of ethics, as opposed to having someone only interested in pushing their own agenda. These guys always had my best interests at heart.”
It is precisely their approach to customer collaboration and satisfaction that has earned Mighty Roots a highly-regarded reputation across the New Hampshire seacoast. So when it came time for Eliot, Maine resident, Hillary Webb, to choose a local contractor to build a bathroom vanity for her new home, Mighty Roots immediately came to mind as a perfect fit.

“I had worked with Mighty Roots before on a remodeling project, and through that process co-owner Chris Redmond had become a trusted friend,” says Webb, “so when I was seeking out someone to build a custom vanity, it was a no-brainer to work with him and to get an honest team that I could rely on.”

Describing the process of turning her vision into reality, it becomes evident how O’Neill brings an almost Zen-like approach to building cabinetry through a combination of personal expression and shared ideation. “What I liked about Chris’s approach was that he wasn’t afraid to go weird,” explains Webb, “I basically gave him a couple concepts I’d found on Google and he came to my house to get a sense of who I was and what I liked. From there it was a pretty painless process of getting the design in place and changing course as needed.”

Similar to Shanna McBurney, Webb also appreciated the embedded sustainability ethos of the Mighty Roots team. “From the start, I wanted to make sure we were doing everything as environmentally conscious as possible,” says Webb. “For Chris, it is important to him to apply reclaimed wood that is already out there as a means of evoking a sense of warmth and personality to his work. In my mind, this made perfect sense.”