News : November 2016

Cabinetry with Class

Nov 29, 2016

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When Shanna McBurney settled on her new home in Newcastle, New Hampshire, her first priority was to create an interior aesthetic that was at once inviting and true to her passion for nature. “Personally, I love the feeling of something organic that’s had multiple lives,” says McBurney, “it doesn’t feel as sterile or like something that has been done before.”

Having worked with Mighty Roots (formerly Little Green Homes) on past projects, McBurney did not hesitate to engage the local builder and high-end cabinetry maker when it came time to design an entertainment center for her new home. “Knowing that Chris Redmond and his team are very environmentally conscious,” says McBurney, “it wasn’t a concept that I had to keep re-introducing throughout the process.”

Not Our President Seacoast Citizens at Tributary Brewing Company

Nov 17, 2016

Please join the “other 50%”/Not My President….Seacoast residents who are looking for a positive way forward.  What can we do to reinforce our community as a safe, connective, inclusive place with a sexist, racist and divisive incoming administration?  Many of us are struggling to find hope and direction while managing a deep sense of grief for this country we love so much.  It helps to come together and discuss solutions together.