News : Sustainable or Green-washing?

Sep 23, 2016

New Hampshire Public Radio podcast on Sustainability

Many companies these days take pride in reducing their environmental impact, from composting to using lighter packaging.  And it's a selling point, as more consumers favor environmentally conscious firms. Some businesses, however, are accused of green-washing -- promoting an image that has little to do with reality.


Michael Bellamente - Managing director of the Green Alliance, a partnership of businesses that pursue sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. 

Sam Evans-Brown - NHPR's environmental reporter and host of NHPR's Outside/In, a show about the natural world and how we use it. 

Glenn Johnson - Founder and owner of AutoBeGreen, which sells environmentally friendly products for various vehicles.

David Boynton - Founder and owner of 7th Settlement, a farm-to-table restaurant and brewery in Dover.

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