News : September 2016

Sustainable or Green-washing?

Sep 23, 2016

New Hampshire Public Radio podcast on Sustainability

Many companies these days take pride in reducing their environmental impact, from composting to using lighter packaging.  And it's a selling point, as more consumers favor environmentally conscious firms. Some businesses, however, are accused of green-washing -- promoting an image that has little to do with reality.


900 Degrees cranks up the heat on sustainability

Sep 13, 2016

 This article first appeared in New Hampshire Business Review. 

Priscilla Lane-Rondeau, owner of 900 DegreesPriscilla Lane-Rondeau is looking forward to opening a new restaurant while building on the sustainability practices that have become a hallmark of her brand. 

Lane-Rondeau, owner of 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, said she hopes to finalize paperwork soon to open a new restaurant in Portsmouth by the end of the year to join her locations in Manchester and Epping. The new location in Portsmouth will likely be located along Lafayette Road, away from the crowded restaurant scene in downtown Portsmouth. Equally important, the new Portsmouth location will have enough space to add composting to her green legacy.