News : Sustainable Choices for Apple Picking This Fall

Nov 3, 2015

Originally Published in the Fall 2015 Issue of Positive Moms Magazine

By Anne Twombly

An apple-picking excursion is great way to get the family outside, active and make lasting memories together. It’s also an equally amazing opportunity to educate your children, through the hands-on experience of picking, processing and cooking apples, about the importance of supporting local agriculture and sustainable food.

Before leaving for your nearest farm, be sure to remember reusable cloth bags, or even a basket for an extra festive flair. There are different apple varieties, some better for cooking and others for eating. Make a game plan with your family in terms of how many apples you actually want to bring home. It’s very easy to go overboard picking in the orchard. Designate apples for raw eating as well as some for ingredients to cook with later – Cortland’s are popular for salads or eating in hand, while Mcintosh and Roxbury Russets are good for baking.

Often orchards offer complimentary hayrides to specific spots farmers would like visitors to pick from. If not, enjoy a lovely fall hike into the orchard with your family. You will probably walk through and view all the developmental stages of the apple trees, from saplings to fully mature fruit yielders. Be sure to point this out to your children, how the tiny seeds inside the apple core grow up to be amazing trees.

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