News : The Green Story: McLean Communications

Nov 10, 2015

Originally Published on Seacoast Online

McLean Communications, a division of Yankee Publishing, is passionate about our state. As publishers of New Hampshire Home, New Hampshire Magazine, and The Square, the McLean team takes pride in our communities. “Our goal is to highlight why New Hampshire is so unique,” explains Sharron McCarthy, President/Publisher at McLean Communications. “Part of the reason we’re unique is because our citizens, businesses, and nonprofits are changing what it means to be green. McLean uses soy based inks and environmentally friendly finishes on our magazine products to assist in this mission.”

Although each magazine caters to a different demographic, all McLean publications have embraced the environmental movement. Every spring, New Hampshire Home highlights sustainable construction and architecture in their “Green Issue.” New Hampshire Magazine raises awareness about environmental issues with stories about local business and nonprofit initiatives. Articles in The Square feature leaders from Seacoast communities who are helping to build a strong New Hampshire economy. With their magazines, McLean has the opportunity to promote sustainability throughout New Hampshire.

McLean Communications rents office space in a renovated mill building in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. As renters, McLean does not have control over major energy decisions. However, in New Hampshire Home Magazine, McLean has highlighted many energy-efficient homes. New Hampshire Home has annual Excellence in Design Awards; every year, there is a “Green Design” category. Alternative heat options are also covered in McLean articles, and on their website. The “Resources” section of the NH Home includes contact information for many renewable heating vendors in New Hampshire, like Green Alliance business Ultra Geothermal. Water conservation has also appeared in several McLean publications in recent years. An article called “Green Ideas for your Home” in New Hampshire Magazine outlines ways that consumers can conserve water, including upgrading appliances to low-flow alternatives.

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