News : When Giving Back Is Part of Company Culture

Oct 7, 2015
Originally Published in The Square
By Craig Robert Brown
Brad Paige is reserved, leaning over a table at Block Six, the restaurant and bar inside Portsmouth’s 3S Artspace, competing to be heard against the sound of the kitchen and wait staff preparing for the dinner rush. It’s noisy but in that business-is-good kind of way.
Paige, dressed in a button-down shirt, suit, close-cropped hair and conservative glasses is modest about Kennebunk Savings’ successful Community Promise program, which gives back 10 percent of the bank’s earnings to nonprofits such as 3S.
Though the program precedes Paige’s tenure as CEO — it started in 1995 while Paige has been the CEO since 2009 — it was Paige’s leadership during the peak of the economic downturn his first year that kept it as a priority within the company.
“In 2009 we technically didn’t have any money to give out,” Paige says. “We had a rainy day fund, so we still gave out $400,000 but that’s compared to the $700,000 we had done the year before.”
To counter the reduction in monetary funding, Paige, an avid volunteer and mentor throughout most of his life, conceived of an idea to add volunteerism as part of the bank’s giveback program.
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