News : Local Golf Course Works to Protect Great Bay

Jul 27, 2015

Originally published in the Hampton Union.

By Rich Collins

NORTH HAMPTON - A joint conservation effort between Sagamore-Hampton Golf, the state Department of Environmental Services, and UNH has put one North Hampton golf company at the forefront of conservation of Great Bay.

Though it appears at times as no more than a mere trickle of water, Cornelius Brook is a small stream that flows quietly through the Sagamore-Hampton Golf course. Its significance lies in the fact that its ultimate destination is New Hampshire’s Great Bay, which has been succumbing to pollution pressures in recent times. The Great Bay is one of the most important estuaries in the country, and named as one of 28 US EPA, Estuaries of National Significance.

Cornelius Brook is perhaps no more important than any of the numerous tributaries that feed into the Great Bay, but thanks to a new joint project that is underway, the water that flows into the brook will be that much cleaner and free of dangerous fertilizers as it enters the larger Winnicut River on its way toward Great Bay and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the state DES website, seven rivers in total carry pollution from 42 New Hampshire and 10 Maine communities into the Great Bay watershed, which comprises of 1,023 square miles. A 2013 State of Estuaries report shows the Great Bay is in trouble, resulting in 12 of 16 environmental indicators with negative or cautionary trends.

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