News : 900 Degrees Makes Sustainability Work

Jul 27, 2015

Originally published in New Hampshire Business Review.

By Michael McCord

Priscilla Lane-Rondeau grew up on what she calls a “gentleman’s farm” in New Ipswich. It was there that she says she learned firsthand about the importance of sustainability and locally sourced agriculture – long before they became trendy concepts.

“We had five pigs, eight goats and five lambs – different animals all the time. I learned so much even if I didn’t realize it at the time,” said Lane-Rondeau, owner of 900 Degrees, the Neapolitan pizzerias in Manchester and Epping.

She says she learned habits about keeping waste to a minimum and practicing conservation as a way of life, and chose to go as green and sustainable as possible when she opened the first 900 Degrees in the Manchester Millyard in 2007.

“Customers want this and tell me so every day. They are not only happy that we are so involved in our communities, but they want the freshly sourced ingredients that we use for all our meals,” she said. “And you see it now in grocery stores with much larger organic sections than just a few years ago because customers are demanding it. Every time you go to a grocery store and put local, organic goods on the checkout counter or one of our customers eats a pizza or salad with ingredients from local farms, it’s a vote for sustainability.”

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