News : Green Alliance Director Sarah Brown

Jun 1, 2015

Originally published on Fosters.

Though political coverage of climate change and ecological disasters get attention in the news these days, seldom are stories about companies incorporating greener business practices given top-billing. Former journalist Sarah Brown noticed this and decided that had to change if communities were going to become more sustainable.

In 2009, Brown established the Green Alliance, an environmentally-conscious business union, in the living room of her Kittery, Maine, home. Since then it has been raising the awareness about sustainably-minded businesses and helping connect them with green-minded consumers.

“We decided from day one that we wanted an outlet for people, whether they were business owners or consumers, to put their money where their values were,” Brown said. “And we wanted people to realize that going green didn’t have to mean going broke; that going green could actually save you a little of it too and for businesses it could increase their profits.”

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