News : Dover Salon Offers Truly Healthier Hair Products

Jun 1, 2015

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By Ken Johnson

DOVER – Organic, hair and salon are not terms generally heard together, especially considering some of the ingredients that often appear within hair care products. However, Acorn Organic Salon in Dover takes pride in combining these terms together successfully.

One of the immediate differences between Acorn is that it doesn’t smell like other salons; there’s less harmful chemicals in the air because Acorn uses eco-hair sprays instead of industry-favorites. It’s a conversation starter for the stylists and their customers on what makes Acorn’s product selection a healthier alternative.

“The ingredients that we use are another big factor,” Laura MacKay, owner of Acorn Organic Salon, said.

A significant portion of Acorn’s clientele chooses the salon because of allergies, for example, with hair dyes. Acorn’s choices of eco-friendly hair dyes gives customers who’ve never been able to color their hair due to allergies, the chance to try something new without an adverse reaction.

Chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and artificial fragrances often found in some hair care products, enter the waste water supply when applications are washed off into the sink.

When products are selected, the Acorn reviews the ingredient list of the product. They look to see what the purposes of the ingredients are and what they actually do for the product. There are some ingredients that MacKay absolutely won’t accept, like artificial fragrances, since they’re unnecessary to the product.

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