News : Warming Up to Winter

May 13, 2015

Originally published in Coastal Home Magazine. 

By Jim Cavan

Winter is almost here. Rest assured that your furnace will soon be running full tilt, and a refill probably isn't much farther down the snowy road. 

Given the dread that many people on the Seacoast feel with the arrival of Old Man Winter, one cannot help but wonder if there is a better way to fill the tank- one that is efficient, clean and doesn't require cutting big checks with every visit of the oil truck.

Not only is there a better way, there are plenty of them. In the last few years, the Seacoast has asserted itself as a hotbed of home heating options that are cheaper, cleaner and as reliable as oil. Whether we choose biofuel harvested from America's heartland, wood pellets from logs felled in New England forests or innovative insulation techniques, this is an opportune time for Seacoast residents to look at heating alternatives.

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