News : Thinking Small Gets Big Gains

May 13, 2015

Originally published in Coastal Home Magazine.

By Herb Perry

One growing family's desire to downsize their home proves that, even in our materialstic, wasteful society, we can aspire to live simpler, smaller, more sustainable and - yes - richer lives.

Last summer, the Cinilia family - Marla, Mike, and toddler Bodhi- defied convention by moving to a 1,150-square-foot home on Gerrish Island in  Kittery Point, Maine, from their 1,600-square-foot Portsmouth abode. Their new home sits 200 yards from the Atlantic Ocean, near wooded conservation areas, and utilizes the latest in green technology.

The Cinilias' plan for the Kittery property had builder Jeff Stacy, Little Green Homes (LGH) co-founder, taken aback. 

"Most people that we meet say, 'We've got to add more space to our house. We've got to do this and do that," Stacy notes. "But the Cinilias were thinking, 'We really want to simplify our life. We want to downsize and reduce our energy needs and, in turn, our bills, and be inspired to do some outdoor living.' I just don't find that typical for a growing family to decide to cut their house in half, to simplify their lives. I find that inspiring."

The Cinilias, in turn, were impressed by LGH's core values- energy efficiency, reducing the client's environmental footprint, using durable materials, and promoting a healthier quality of life.    

Read the full story in the Spring issue of Coastal Home Magazine. Pick up a copy at your nearest newsstand.