News : Proposed Antrim Wind Farm Agrees to Additional Land Conservation Funding

May 12, 2015

Originally published on SeacoastOnline.

ANTRIM – Antrim Wind Energy LLC (“AWE”) has reached an agreement with the New England Forestry Foundation (“NEFF”) to advance conservation in southwestern New Hampshire. The agreement specifies that if AWE’s planned 28.8 MW wind farm in Antrim, New Hampshire gains all necessary approvals and proceeds to construction, AWE will make a payment of $100,000 to NEFF to permanently conserve valuable working forest land in southern New Hampshire. This payment and the resulting land conservation will be in addition to the 908 acres of contiguous forestland that the project has already conserved in the vicinity of the wind project. The additional offsite conservation accomplished through this agreement will make a valuable contribution to conservation interests in the region, and will enhance and sustain the region’s aesthetic character, wildlife habitat, working landscape, and public use and enjoyment.

The project will permanently preserve 800 acres of land and create enough emissions-free energy to serve approximately 13,500 average-sized New Hampshire homes per year while reducing CO2 emissions by almost 60,000 tons per year.

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