News : Pest Control, Naturally

May 13, 2015

Originally published in Coastal Home Magazine.

By Jim Cavan.

Chances are you have had this experience: It's the first truly warm day of the year- late March, let's say- and you have just gotten back from an unseasonably balmy park walk or seashore picnic. You walk through the front door, take off your shoes, head to the kitchen to start preparing the night's dinner, and happen upon a trail of slowly moving black specks on the counter.

Carpnenter ants. Dozens of them- and these are just the ones in plain view. In New England, carpenter ant infestation constitutes one of the most common pest problems affecting some tens of thousands of households in New Hampshire alone and causing millions of dollars worth of damage nationwide. While there is no shortage of professional exterminators capable of eliminating these destructive critters, rarely does the process take on a collaborative air that touts a more efficient use of the tools of the trade.

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