News : Housing project proposed on Moose lodge land

May 1, 2015

Originally posted on Seacoast Online and the Portsmouth Herald.

PORTSMOUTH — Chinburg Development LLC is working on a project to put 10 single-family homes on land owned by the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge.

The proposal, according to documents filed in Portsmouth City Hall, calls for the residential development to be located at 1163 Sagamore Avenue.

The lot size of the homes being proposed for the site range anywhere from a low of 3,120 square feet to a high of 3,940 square feet, according to a copy of the plans filed in the City Planning Office.

The proposed development is located near Sagamore Creek, according to the plans.

Neither Eric Chinburg, president of Chinburg Development LLC nor a representative from the Loyal Order of the Moose could be reached for comment Tuesday.

Chinburg was scheduled to present the plan to the city’s Technical Advisory Committee on Tuesday.

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