News : Fighting the Holi-daze

May 13, 2015

Originally published in the Coastal Home Magazine in the Autumn 2013 edition. 


You spent weeks planning Thanksgiving Dinner--ordered the free-range turkey, stocked up a bevy of local libations, put your own well-honed spin on all the fixin's--and now, it's over. With the faint din of football droning in the distance, you dry the last dish, grab your glass of merlot, and head to a living room filled with laughter and loved ones. Scanning the room to take in the smiling faces, the family, and friends, you forget for a second the untold hours and near diasters that made it all possible.

Then, just as you feel yourself beginning to relax, a harsh reminder jolts the brain: I have to start shopping tomorrow. 

Between pies and presents, five-course meals, and family visits, the holidays have long been a source of as much stress as cheer, and as many headaches as heartwarming moments. According to a 2006 study conducted by the American Psychological Association, a whopping 68 percent of those polled claimed to experience some level of stress "often or sometimes." Meanwhile, 38 percent said their level of stress increased noticeably during the holiday season, while only eight percent cited a decrease in stress. 

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