News : The Bottom Line of Sustainability

May 18, 2015

Originally published in NH Business Review.

By Michael McCord

For Jeff Hiatt, environmental stewardship is as simple as helping businesses, both big and small, stabilize their energy expenses.

Since 1995, Hiatt, founder of Performance Business Solutions in Hampton Falls, estimates he has helped hundreds of clients save millions of dollars through the firm’s multi-phase consulting approach. His time-tested analysis formula matches rigorous expense reviews and energy efficiency programs that can add to a company’s bottom line.

“I enjoy the dual positive of making an impact on the environment and the economy,” Hiatt said. “By implementing green solutions and green tools, my clients will use less energy, and that helps their bottom line. It helps sustain the future of the company.”

 New Hampshire is not the most robust state for green energy projects, especially when compared to its neighbors. With fewer tax incentives, Hiatt said New Hampshire’s solar programs leave little to be desired.

“Utilities in New Hampshire have a much more limited budget for implementation of green energy technology than other states like Massachusetts,” he said.

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