News : Willem Lange and Windows to the Wild Age with Grace

Apr 30, 2015

Originally published on Portsmouth Patch. 

By Mike Bizier

DURHAM- For many New Englanders, there is no greater joy than being in the outdoors. People of all ages from around the region feel an unbridled sense of freedom and inspiration while on the many mountains, trails, and waters scattered across the Northeast.

One man who enjoys sharing New England’s natural wonders with others is 80-year-old outdoor adventurer Willem Lange. As the host of the New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV) program Windows to the Wild, Lange is a guide for viewers as he hikes, paddles, and climbs his way across this distinct region. With a gray beard, years of experience, and friendly demeanor, Lange is the embodiment of the classic American folk hero.

NHPTV will celebrate both the 10th anniversary of Windows to the Wild and Lange’s 80th birthday on Saturday, May 30 at the AMC-Highland Center at Crawford Notch. Guests will receive signed copies of Lange’s latest book Words from the Wild, a DVD collection of Lange’s eight favorite episodes, and an orange paisley bandana- a well-known staple in Lange’s hiking attire. 
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