News : On Tap: Good Food, Good Beer, Good Green Fun

Apr 23, 2015

Originally published on Portsmouth Patch and Hampton/North Hampton Patch.

By Kristyn Lak Miller

HAMPTON - Set on a historic 14-acre farm, Smuttynose Brewery’s new farmhouse restaurant, Hayseed, energetically enhances the farm style dining experience. And the restaurant, like the new brewing facility, keeps sustainability at the cornerstone of their operation.

“From recycling to buying bio-degradable products, we have a very conservational mind behind all designs and projects,” says Hayseed Executive Chef Kevin Hahn.

In 2013, Smuttynose moved to Towle Farm in Hampton from its original location in Portsmouth. In purchasing the land, Smuttynose inherited the property’s aged barn and Victorian-era farmhouse. From the beginning, the Smuttynose team knew they wanted an on-site restaurant and the house met their aesthetic criteria.

“It was perfect for a restaurant and, by creating Hayseed, we were able to save and repurpose a really unique building,” says JT Thompson, Smuttynose’s official Minister of Propaganda.

The farmhouse was completely renovated—with the exception of the character-worn staircase—and showcases local products, like the lumber used liberally around Hayseed’s interior that was milled from red oak trees cut down during construction of the brewery.

“Being an old farmhouse, Hayseed is welcoming with an inviting exterior and a relaxed interior,” says Thompson. “It has a comfortable simplicity—it’s timeless, with no temporal references to 2015, while also being not at all bland.”

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