News : Stonyfield Goes the Extra Mile at Earth Day 5k

Apr 30, 2015

Originally published on Portsmouth Patch.

By Mike Bizier

LONDONDERRY- Many people may know Stonyfield Farm for their organic yogurt, but what customers might not be aware of is that Stonyfield puts an equal amount of care into sustainability as well. In 1997, the company became the first in the US to eliminate all greenhouse gases from facility use. In 2006, Stonyfield successfully implemented a waste water treatment system that converts waste into biogas, and in 2010 the company introduced the first yogurt cup made from plant-based materials.

It’s clear that at Stonyfield, every day is Earth Day.

Stonyfield will celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, May 16 with a 5K race followed by the company’s Earth Day Fair. The Fair will be held at Stonyfield Yogurts Works campus from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and is free to the public, and guests are encouraged to arrive at least an hour before hand. A large turnout is expected, with over 1,400 attendees slated to come.

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