News : New Hampshire’s big storms are getting bigger

Apr 6, 2015

Originally posted on the Nashua Telegraph.

By David Brooks

New Hampshire has seen more of an increase in the size of its heaviest rain and snowstorms in recent decades than any state in the country, and such “maximum annual precipitation events” are becoming part of the planning process for some businesses.

“Five years ago, it was the early adopters. Now, we’re seeing pretty much every business ... acknowledge that this is an important aspect of doing business,” said Sarah Brown, executive director of the Green Alliance.

She pointed to Coca­Cola Bottling Co. of Northern New England in Bedford, which has multiple disaster­ preparation plans for dealing with road closures – which snarl its distribution network – or employees unable to get to work.

“We already prepare for flooding, already prepare for storms. ... Some companies look at climate change, and we don’t label it that because we’re always preparing. It’s part of our business, just because of what we are,” said Ray Dube, whose title for the firm is sustainability manager. “Does it become a hassle when it’s three snowstorms in 11 days? Yes – that did cause some people to scratch their heads and start thinking.”

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