News : Meet a Green Alliance Business: Proulx Oil & Propane

Apr 27, 2015

Originally published on Seacoast Online and York County Coast Star.

What: In the last year, Proulx Oil & Propane has acquired another heating company and expanded service into central southern New Hampshire from its headquarters in Newmarket, furthering the growth of BioHeat in the region.

It's not an unfathomable feat for a company that is considered a leader in biofuels and its green sister company, Proulx AutoGas. Proulx Oil & Propane is a successful home heating company that specializes in BioHeat, a renewable-based alternative to standard No. 2 home heating oil, and cleaner burning propane and natural gas, all products that help home owners reduce carbon emissions.

When Joe Proulx founded the company in 1944, the impetus was a changing of the energy guard: from the soot and smoke of coal to something more efficient. Eventually, the next generation of the Proulx family brought propane gas into the company fold, cementing its reputation as a forward-thinking and environmentally minded company. Today, Proulx, still a family-run company, remains a leader in sustainable initiatives and efficient home heating. Some of Proulx’s latest progressive offerings include the Heat Force additive, which helps fuels to burn cleaner, and a transition to paperless billing for all of their fuel customers.

Originally published on Seacoast Online here and on York County Coast Star here.