News : Keep It in the Family

Apr 6, 2015

Originally published in Taste Magazine.

By Craig Brown

Stepping into 900 Degrees Pizzeria's second location in Epping is to take a step into a living family history. It's exterior may not seem like it at first-glance, but once inside, 900 Degrees is an impeccably green-centric restaurant built with sustainability in mind and family at its heart. Located in the new Brickyard Square Plaza off Calef Highway in Epping, New Hampshire, 900 Degrees has a cozy atmosphere with dropped wood ceilings and wood tables. Low lighting creates a worldly ambiance that is more Italian cafe than strip mall pizza joint.

When owner Priscilla Lane-Rondeau first saw the available location, it was like an artist approaching a blank canvas. She knew right away that she wanted to include as many local and eco-friendly features as possible. "Because it was new we were able to do some fun stuff," Lane-Rondeau says.

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