News : Great Bay Steweards Near Their Restoration Boardwalk Fundraising Goals

Apr 29, 2015

Originally published on the Portsmouth Patch.

GREENLAND – By this time next year the boardwalk at the Great Bay Estuary will be gone. Or at least that’s the hope of the Great Bay Stewards, and they’re close to accomplishing their goal. Now that the boardwalk is nearing the end of its life the Great Bay Stewards (GBS) have set out to raise the almost $350,000 needed to restore it.

It’s their intent to replace the existing boardwalk with a new, more functional, environmentally-friendly one. And after a lengthy fund raising campaign, they only need to raise another $8,000 to match federal grant money before the Stewards hand the money over to the state. Then the New Hampshire Fish and Game, which manages the Great Bay Reserve, can put the project out to bid.

Peter Wellenberger, the executive director of the Great Bay Stewards, said he hopes to have the rest of the money raised by June 1 so they can start the contract process at that point. Wellenberger hopes to begin construction in November and have the project completed by next spring.

“Everything is on schedule,” Wellenberger said. “We want to start construction on Nov. 1 and in the spring of 2016 it should be complete.”

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