News : Art for a Cause

Apr 6, 2015

Originally published to the Patch.

By Sarah Mahoney

PORTSMOUTH - The natural landscape has long been an inspiration to creative people. Artisans have worked for centuries to try and capture its beauty through a variety of mediums. Today, with nature’s splendor at risk of degradation, local artists are inspired to use their craft to bring awareness to its protection.

Great Bay Stewards (GBS) is one of several well-known organizations dedicated to spreading awareness to protect New Hampshire’s environment using art to spark conversation. For over a decade, the Stewards have hosted the annual Art of Great Bay fundraiser to help raise money for the Great Bay Discovery Center. Local artists are encouraged to contribute to the show by submitting paintings, pottery, glass, sculptures and other forms of art.

The 11th annual Art of Great Bay will take place from April 17 - 19 at the Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center at the Great Bay Discovery Center in Greenland. The event is to be open to the public throughout the weekend.

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