News : Weather Change Can Impact Business

Mar 23, 2015

Originally published in the Portsmouth Herald and Seacoast Online.

By MJ Shoer

Last week, I had the pleasure of being part of a Weather Preparedness Forum held at the offices of The Green Alliance. Being concerned about sustainability and related environmental issues, the Green Alliance, together with the American Red Cross, the University of New Hampshire and my company, Jenaly Technology Group, hosted this important forum.

This winter is a great example of what the future may hold as a result of climate change. Even though this winter is considered to have been another warm one, our region saw some of the heaviest snowfalls we have seen in years. Despite the challenges of ice dams and high drifts, the region has come through the winter fairly well, all things considered. We did not suffer widespread power outages or roof collapses, despite several that did occur. Businesses specifically, seemed to come through better than several homes and apartment complexes from what I am hearing.

While we should be relieved, it should also be a very stark example that we need to be prepared for worse. We were lucky this winter, we may not be next, or during hurricane season. Just yesterday I saw a report that a melting glacier in Antarctica may cause an 11-foot rise in sea levels. That is very significant and could lead to considerable encroachment and not just at the shoreline. Water tables may rise, leading to flooding or weakening of underlying earth that could impact buildings and roads.

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