News : Green Collar Careers: Jenaly Technology Group President MJ Shoer

Mar 30, 2015

Originally published in The New Hampshire, in Foster's Daily Democrat and on Patch.

By Ken Johnson

Some argue that Information Technology uses too much of our resources with high electrical demand, endless toner cartridges and a nearly continuous use of unsustainable fossil fuels. But is that correct? MJ Shoer, the president of Jenaly Technology Group Inc., has proven time and time again that IT management can be as green as any other sustainable industry.

Shoer started Jenaly in 1997 as an IT firm that handles small to mid-sized businesses, primarily in New England, but the company is able to service clients around the world through Virtual System Administration services including infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance. Shoer also co-authored The Tech (Multiplier), a how-to book for businesses, and business owners, who want to stay up to date in today's ever-changing technological world.

“It's a world in which tech-savvy businesses must be nimble and able to adapt according to trends,” Shoer said.

Jenaly shines as a sustainable business amongst their peers and their clients. Jenaly offers remote support for client's systems to reduce gas consumption, effective document management to reduce paper waste, virtualization where one physical server powers multiple virtual servers, reducing electricity use, and Shoer is adamant about recycling e-waste, which prevents toxins from entering the waste stream. Jenaly also utilizes solid ink technology, a cartridge-free printing system that creates 90 percent less print waste than laser printers. Shoer is also an outspoken advocate of businesses preparedness against the adverse effects of climate change, specifically utilizing Cloud computing to mitigate risk of losing important information vital to a business's operations.

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