News : Green Collar Careers: Colonial Stoneworks' Adam Bennett

Mar 16, 2015

Originally published in Foster's Daily Democrat.

By Ken Johnson

At just 30 years-old, Colonial Stoneworks owner, Adam Bennett, has established himself as an experienced, skilled stoneworker, creating works of beauty with nature through what he refers to as “green hardscape.” Bennett’s company utilizes natural stone, an inherently greener product than energy-intensive concrete, for their hardscape projects. Not only does natural stone look nicer than concrete, but the stone doesn’t degrade like concrete allowing for a beautiful hardscape that will remain for years.

Bennett tries to obtain as much of the materials used through local sourcing as possible. The granite used by the stone-working company is sourced from the former Milford, New Hampshire quarry and Bennett puts an emphasis on finding and using reclaimed materials, sourcing from new subdivisions and property owners, instead of allowing discarded materials to go to waste. Bennett will also obtain stone directly from customers property, if desired, for a greener option.

Bennett treats each job as a unique project; listening to the customers’ desires for the project and offering design consultation and assistance. More than just doing his job, Bennett also takes time to educate customers on the sustainability of natural stone and the sustainable benefits of utilizing locally-sourced stone.

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