News : Green alliance: Will Lange defies age on ‘Windows to the Wild’

Mar 25, 2015

Originally published in The New Hampshire. 

By Mike Bizier 

Aside from UNH, Durham is also home to the only locally owned, state-wide public television station in New Hampshire: New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV). NHPTV boasts a wide variety of educational and environmental themed programming including the award-winning program “Windows to the Wild.”

“Windows to the Wild” follows 80-year-old outdoor adventurer Willem Lange as he hikes, paddles, and climbs his way across New England. With a gray beard, years of experience and friendly demeanor, Lange is the embodiment of the classic American folk hero.

Born in Albany, New York in 1935, Lange was instilled with a strong sense of exploration and discovery from an early age.  

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