News : Meet a Green Alliance Business: Jenaly Technology Group

Feb 9, 2015

Originially published on Seacoast Online.

Who: Jenaly Technology Group

What: Founded on the premise of providing affordable IT solutions for businesses big and small, Jenaly stands out from the industry with its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly technology choices. Jenaly provides virtual system administration management services, which provide remote and continuous monitoring and maintenance programs for a business’ IT infrastructure. VSA is just one method of reducing a business’ demand for electricity, lowering costs and its need to upgrade as frequently thus reducing the amount of eWaste a company generates.

In addition to reducing eWaste, Jenaly partners with local, environmentally conscious recycler, MetalWave, to help clients responsibly dispose of old technology. Jenaly also has an effective document management system that reduces the amount of paper required by an individual, business or firm, with the goal to become 100 percent digital. Jenaly educates clients to go green with their IT by utilizing solid ink – a toxin and cartridge-free ink – printing technologies, which are far more environmentally friendly and far less wasteful.

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