News : Green Collar Careers: Green Maids Owner Johnmark O'Brien

Feb 2, 2015

Originally posted on Fosters and

By Anna Murphy

Johnmark O’Brien, owner of Green Maids, has been cleaning up grime since 2009. O’Brien started his green cleaning company with the mission to keep harmful chemicals out of the community and local environment’s waste-stream. It was a mission O’Brien embarked upon while a college student.

Based in York Harbor, Maine, Green Maids now services the New Hampshire seacoast as well as southern Maine. All cleaning products used by Green Maids must either be Green Seal Certified or guaranteed to be all natural, biodegradable, earth friendly, non-toxic and safe for home and office use. The Green Maids cleaning team makes their rounds in a Toyota Prius hybrid.

Green Maids actively gives back to its community, conducting three to four beach cleanups each year. With sustainability at the forefront of each decision he makes, O’Brien says that every action taken, no matter how small, builds toward a greener future.

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