News : Meet a Green Alliance Business: Harbor Eyecare Center

Jan 20, 2015

Originally published in the Portsmouth Herald and Seacoast Online.

Who: Harbor Eyecare Center

What: After its 2011 renovation, Harbor Eyecare Center moved to become a more sustainable business, incorporating efficient upgrades, instituting a comprehensive recycling program throughout the office, selling frames made of recycled materials and Miru contact lenses, which boast a two-thirds less carbon footprint than competitors' contact lenses.

Co-owner Dr. Sarah Hudson admits that at the beginning of her career in 1998, concern for the environment and sustainability was not a pressing issue in the eye care industry. As that bar has risen, however, Harbor Eyecare Center has not only kept up but has become a leader as one of the region’s top socially responsible and environmentally aware eye care practices.

Staff members at Harbor Eyecare Center believe that personal wellness is connected to communal and environmental health. In an effort to support the community, Harbor Eyecare's staff members volunteer their time to events, organizations and charities, such as Families First Health and Support Center, providing vision screenings during Portsmouth Children's Day and giving eye examinations to athletes at the New Hampshire Special Olympics as well as taking part in the 3K Walk for Sight, sponsored by the New Hampshire Association of the Blind.

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