News : Local Restaurant Moves to Environmentally-friendly Cleaning Products

Jan 8, 2015

Originally published on Portsmouth Patch and Business NH Magazine Online.  

By Anna Murphy

EPPING - 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, located in Manchester and a second location in Epping, has been a paragon of sustainable business practices for the past seven years. There is a sense of sustainability from the moment you walk in, be it the reclaimed, efficient décor, the fresh food made with organic ingredients whenever possible, or now, the use of all green certified cleaning products.

The pizzeria strives to lessen its environmental impact whenever possible. A Green Alliance member, 900 Degrees owner Priscilla Lane-Rondue has held sustainable living close to her heart for her entire life.

“For me, going green is always my first choice,” said Lane-Rondeau. “I truly believe in it.”

Recently, 900 Degrees made the switch to cleaning with green certified cleaning supplies, thereby keeping the harsh chemicals found in most commercial-grade cleaning products off the table tops, out of the kitchen and out of their waste-stream. 

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