News : Green Collar Careers: Cornerstone Tree Care Owner Micum Davis

Jan 8, 2015

Originally published on Seacoast Online.

By Anna Murphy

Some equate Micum Davis, owner of Cornerstone Tree Care, to the Lorax. Much like Dr. Suess’s lovable character, Davis always does what is best for the environment and the trees with which he works. At 38, Davis has already amassed a wealth of knowledge in the proper techniques to service trees and maintain their long-term health.

Because every tree has a unique form, Davis studies their basic structure before making his first move. From limbs interfering with power lines, trees blocking roads and walkways to injuries and property damage, trees can cause serious and life-threatening problems. Pruning eliminates existing hazards while preemptive work – removing dead or weak limbs – can help prevent damage during storms. In order to protect the trees from damage during pruning, Davis and his employees use a system of rope knots and belays to scale the trees without damaging the bark or using spikes in what he refers to as an “aerial circus act.”

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